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The first ride on electric bikes, or e-bikes, might seem like finding superpowers. Because of this, pedal-assist e-bikes expand your two-wheeled options: You can keep up in stop-and-go traffic, more easily transport children or freight, arrive at your destination with less perspiration, or just enjoy a little additional oomph on trips that might otherwise be too far or too steep.

Initially, e-bikes fall into the same categories as conventional bicycles: mountain and road, in addition to specialist categories such as urban, hybrid, cruiser, cargo, and folding bikes. If you think the best electric bike will set you back in terms of cash then make sure to avail our coupon codes to get the best price when purchasing the electric bike of your choice.

Complete guide to choosing the best electric bike
Complete guide to choosing the best electric bike

Electric Bike Fundamentals

Let’s begin with the fundamentals: what is an electric bike? A pedal bicycle with an electric motor and battery that provides help while pedaling.

To qualify as an electric bike, pedaling is required for the motor to engage. If the power is controlled by a “throttle” or twist grip positioned on the handlebars, the machine is legally classified as a moped. This implies it will not qualify for tax and registration-free ownership, at least in the United Kingdom and the European Union.

Similarly, according to electric bike legislation in the United Kingdom, the European Union, and Australia, motorized assistance is only permitted up to 15 miles per hour (25 kilometers per hour), after which the motor will shut off and any higher speed will need its own work.

But you’re in luck if you’re reading this and riding in the United States, where your engine can maintain 20 mph.

What To Consider When Purchasing An Electric Bicycle?

You must consider the following aspects before choosing an electric bike:


A rechargeable lithium-ion battery will provide electricity to an electric bicycle. As with other electric car batteries, they are used for their low weight and performance, as well as their quick recharging – generally a few hours.

The batteries themselves may often be charged from a conventional wall outlet, either in situ on the bike through a port or with the battery itself removed from the bike. The use of a key to secure detachable battery packs is quite prevalent.


Motor Placement

The motors of electric bicycles are positioned in one of three locations: the center of the frame, the rear hub, or the front hub.

Finally, the motor might be located in the front hub. It is a little more difficult position due to the fact that the motor unit might affect steering and there is often less weight on the front tire, thus traction may be compromised. It is often used for folding ebikes and hybrids.

You may purchase electric bike kits to convert a conventional bicycle into an ebike in addition to prefabricated ebikes. You can use our discount codes to get the best deal on conversion kits. There are motor kits available for each of these places. We have compiled a list of the most widely used ebike conversion kits.

Electric Bike Range

The range is highly dependent on riding style, riding environment, and riding method, as well as battery capacity. Others, such as foldable ebikes built for simpler carrying and folding and shorter city rides, may have a range of 20 miles or less.

Generally, you may turn the motor off completely to preserve power, and with the majority of systems, there will be no increased drag, despite the greater weight of the engine and battery.

Electric bike range
Electric bike range


An ebike will contain a variety of sensors to manage the motor power. Initially, there will be a speed sensor so that assistance will cease at the maximum speed allowed by law.

In addition to cadence and torque sensors, an ebike will include cadence and torque sensors to adjust the assistance level to your pedaling input and prevent it from escaping your control.



The greatest bike for you, regardless of whether it’s a regular or an e-bike, is the one that suits you perfectly. Before you ride an ebike out the door, you should ensure that it fits you perfectly, or that it can be adjusted with a few clever component swaps.

The most important factor in achieving a proper fit is determining the frame size of your bike, depending on your height. In addition to frame size, the frame geometry of an e-bike will decide how it is intended to match your specific body proportions. Hopefully, this guide will help you pick the best electric bike for you. Make sure to use our amazing discounts to get the best deal on electric bikes.

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