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464 Bob's Discount Furniture reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Sep 24 in 2007. The most recent review of Warranty service was published on Nov . 4 2022. The most recent complaint is missing a foot ...


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464 complaints, 133 of which were resolved 331 not resolved Send an unresolved complaint with Bob's Discount Furniture Bob's Discount Furniture contacts (added by reviewer) Telephone number: 1800 569 ...2/5(464)


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You can use text messages with BobBot to schedule your appointment faster particularly in light of the longer wait times on the phone due to the increased demand. Make an appointment now using BobBot! Contact us at 860-474-1100> ...


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Additional Complaint Information about Customer complaint: Any consumer with an issue with Bob's Discount Furniture may contact the customer service liaison team directly at...


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By Jamie by Jamie Dover, NH on Apr 7, 2021 by Jamie from Dover, NH on Apr. I have purchased at most $12,000 worth of furniture from Bob's discount in Seabrook, NH over the years. Every time I ...


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Bob's Discount Furniture received their 10th complaint on the 16th of September, 2013. The information about Bob's Discount Furniture was initially sent to Scambook on November 03, ...


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This review of the furniture by Bob's knows that the company strives to ensure that every interaction is smooth. Therefore, it offers a several options for shipping white ...


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About Bob's Discount Furniture. Since 1991, Bob's Discount Furniture has offered customers high-quality furniture for the entire house with affordable costs. With over 100 locations ...


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Guest Support Associate (Former Employee) Guest Support Associate (Former Employee) Murrieta, CA - November 17 2022. I thoroughly liked my experience at Bob's even though it wasn't long. It was not the any fault of the company, I left. I was able to leave with ...


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With an emphasis on low-cost products, the majority of customers love Bob's choices, but there are complaints about the durability and perceived quality, as well as delivery in some instances. Furniture Scores ...


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Comments of Bob's Discount Furniture employees on Bob's Discount Furniture culture, salary and benefits, work-life balance management, job security and more. Employed at Bob's ...


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Reviews from Bob's Discount Furniture employees about Bob's Discount Furniture culture, salaries, benefits, work-life balance, management, job security, and more. Working at Bob's …

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What is Bob's reaction to these reviews? ?

Bob's isn't concerned... Bob Kaufman probably did into the 70s and the 80s. But the new owner is just trying to lure you into with a moderately priced pr...

Does the goofproof cover get damaged due to the electric space heater that melts the leather on my couch?

We bought a couch from Bobs 1/19/20. The couch was in trouble at the beginning, but due to the pandemic, we did not feel comfortable with the technicians we had...

Does bobs price display include delivery

No. This is an additional charge they refer to as "white glove service" it's B. S. Price increases with each item you purchase.

Has anyone purchased the playscape couch? Have they had it for a long time? Or is this an example of you pay for the value you pay for?

It's pretty much impossible to bother with Bobs. It's just not worth it.

I would like someone to contact me to talk to Bob i have a large number of com plates and would like to speak with the owner. Thank you

If you do call him, request him to contact me, i also got an size 12 for him.

Does Bob's furniture have good quality?

Yes, some products made by Bob's Furniture are indeed good quality. However, it is important to read reviews before purchasing any product from the company. While there have been negative reviews of customers for certain merchandise, there are some positive reviews, particularly regarding the furniture's quality.

Does Bobs furniture offer discounts?

Bob's furniture is so accommodating to give Military and Veterans 20% off. Bob's furniture offers the opportunity to save up to 20% off with Military Discount. If you have additional coupons, you might have to forfeit other discounts and only apply the Military Discount. For specific coupon code usage rules, please refer to the policy for coupons from Bob's Furniture.

Where did Bob get his discount furniture?

The majority of the furniture manufactured by the United States, some parts and materials used in Bob's Discount Furniture do come from China. The company is passionate about helping American families and local communities. There are outlet stores and showrooms throughout the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Midwest and on the West Coast.

How many Bobs discount furniture stores?

With more than 150 locations that range from outlet, pickup, and storefronts across the nation, Bob's Discount Furniture has developed from a small New England furniture store to a national brand name. With a straightforward business model that offers competitive prices on the time of sale that attract customers who are seeking bargains.