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Dentegra is not insurance. The Dentegra discount allows you to save between 30 and 40%1 on a variety of dental services including fillings, crowns, and exams. You'll also enjoy: Simple payment...


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Dentegra dental discount – AARP(r), Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan from UnitedHealthcare. These plans cover seniors who are patients of UnitedHealthcare.


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Selecting a dental insurance policy. Dental insurance plans can help you save money on dental care and provide the benefits you need to maintain your oral health. Find out how to...


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You don't have to spend a lot of money to keep yourself healthy. The Dentegra Smile Savings Plan offers savings on dental services to help maintain your smile, your overall health, and your budget. ...Missing: unitedhealthcareMust include: unitedhealthcare


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UnitedHealthcare: Dental Discount for AARP Medicare Supplement Plans. All members of the AARP Medicare Supplement Plan can receive discounts on dental care (except NY).


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Providers can access the UnitedHealthcare Dental Provider Portal to gain access to more patients, lower reimbursement rates, and dedicated support. You can access the UnitedHealthcare Dental Provider Portal to help you get more patients, competitive reimbursement rates, and dedicated support.


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A UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage Plan 1 enrolls over 6.3 million people. Some UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage plans may provide dental coverage. This can include:


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Dr. Malhotra, a Kent dentist, enjoys all aspects...


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Register. Get a personalized view to your Medicare benefits. Are you new to the website? Register now to gain access to resources and tools to help you manage your health and plan. Register Now


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Dentegra Smile Club: Small Business Discounts on Dental Coverage


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Members who are enrolled in UnitedHealthcare Medicare Part B and Medicare Advantage now have free access to over-the counter testing. Learn More Find out more about your...



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AARP Dental Insurance Plan Administered by Delta Dental

You can find pricing and coverage information on the Delta Dental website. Delta Dental Insurance Company administers the AARP (r), Dental Insurance Plan. Prices and information can be found on the Delta Dental website.


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FAQs for Dentegra Dental Discount Unitedhealthcare

How can I get the dentegra discount for Medicare members?

Dentegra offers a discount for members who are insured under AARP Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans from UnitedHealthcare. To receive your discount, show your Dentegra dentist the plan ID card. It's as easy as that. How it works

Do UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage plans cover dental?

A UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage Plan has 4.9 million members.

What is dentegra smile savings?

Dentegra Smile Savings plans offer savings on dental services to help maintain your smile, your overall health, and your budget. On average, you can save between 15% and 50% on dental services, including cleanings, exams fillings, fillings, crowns, and more. *Actual costs and savings may vary depending on the provider, service and geographic area.

How many dentegra patients are looking for a dentist in their area?

Over 4.5 million Dentegra patients are looking for providers like you. Get the spotlight with a detailed listing of your contact information, hours, and other details in our Find a Dentist directory. Our innovative dental plans are simple to understand and easy to use. Some plans don't have deductibles and some don't have claims.