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When ordering magazines online, I often check out DiscountMags and other "discount" services. Their prices are often the lowest and their service is always excellent. ...3.8/5(68)Email: [email protected]

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1,247 Reviews of - ResellerRatings is a veteran in the industry. They offer a 100% refund policy and the lowest authorized prices. They also have thousands of magazines titles and publications.


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Discount Mags Review. Check out the latest Discount Mags Review on our website to find the best discounts for your next online purchase. Our coupon experts...


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In November 2021, I purchased a magazine for my mom. My mother never received a single issue. I contacted the company multiple times and received the same response.


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DiscountMugs is ranked 15th out of 18 top companies in the category Office Supply Store. Trustpilot ranked them 15. DiscountMugs ranks 43rd out of 49 top companies in the category Prints and Signs Store.


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COUPON Reviews – Reviews 52 * Great. 4.2. In the Magazine Store category Visit Write a review

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About National Review. National Review is a magazine that has been at the forefront conservative thought since its inception in 1955 by William F. Buckley Jr.


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Subscribe to Discount Magazines A discount magazine subscription will keep you up-to-date with the topics that interest you most. No matter what your passion is, you will find something that interests you in renovation and remodeling.


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Customer service reviewed my issue and began to work on it with efficiency and professionalism. Thanks to Farm and Ranch magazine's feedback, the publisher of Farm and Ranch magazine listened and began to...

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I asked for a refund on a magazine DiscountMags had renewed automatically, even though my renewal date was only 2 years away. The customer service at DiscountMags was excellent.

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I requested a refund for a magazine that DiscountMags renewed automatically when my renewal expiration date actually had 2 more years to go. DiscountMags customer service was very …

FAQs for Discount Mags Review

How easy is it for discountmags customer service to reach you?

It was easy to get in touch with them and have any issues resolved. They are always friendly.

How long would shipping take if I subscribed to a bunch of printed magazines (probably around 15-20 publications)?

Hi Diane. This would depend on the magazine and the frequency it prints. If you can provide the title (..., I can give you a better estimate.

My current subscription to the New Yorker expires in september 2021. Can I renew my subscription through discountmags?

Susan, DiscountMags can be used to renew your subscription. However, I am afraid that there might be a slight lapse if you renew 30 days prior to expi...

I purchased a subscription for one year to the New Yorker for my daughter. You said it would be delivered Dec 5, 2020. However, you deny responsibility for delivery.

Nanci, the delivery range for New Yorker is between 12/05/2020 - 01/02/2021 according to the order confirmation page.

Is discountmags a good site for magazine subscriptions?

The Pros: DiscountMags Reviews If you are looking for a great magazine subscription at a discount price, then DiscountMags is the right place. Visit right now. Here you will find the most recent celebrity gossip, word puzzles and remodeling articles from the magazines you love.

What are the benefits of discount mags?

You can find the latest celebrity gossip, word puzzles, and ideas for renovations from the magazines you love. They are also available at the most affordable prices right now. If you are interested in them, please continue reading the DiscountMags review.

Can discount Mags be shipped to Canada?

We currently only deliver to Canada and the U.S. You can visit our Canada site at Do you ship to correctional institutions? Yes, we do. However, each correctional facility has its own rules about what inmate magazines they can and cannot receive.

Are you able to control the printing and delivery magazines subscriptions?

We are a reseller of magazine subscriptions and cannot control the printing or delivery of magazines subscriptions. However, it is our responsibility and obligation to fight for you and keep you informed. One of our Customer Service Managers called you and left a voicemail in order to correct the situation.