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The generic version of Gonal-f is Follitropin Alfa and is significantly less expensive than its cost ...


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Gonal-f RFF (follicle stimulating hormone) is part of the gonadotropins class of drugs and ...


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FAQs for Gonal F Manufacturer Coupon

How do I redeem the Gonal-F coupon?

The Gonal-F coupon we offer is valid at up to 75% off prescriptions at the majority of pharmacies. You can print it or download it today by clicking "Claim Discount'. Bring it along at the time you fill out your prescription and your Gonal-F discount will then be added at the time you pay.

How much will Gonal-F cost at the pharmacy you use?

Save on GonalF at your pharmacy by using the discount coupon below. Gonal-F is a fertility medication and a special medication. As a special medication, it can be quite expensive, particularly when it's not insured by health insurance. The cost for Gonal-F is typically around $850 or more for a single vial of 450iu.

How much does Gonal-F RFF cost?

Gonal-f RFF Price Guide. This price guide for Gonal-f RFF is based on the discount card, which is accepted by most U.S. pharmacies. The price for Gonalf RFF subcutaneous injection powder alpha 75 units is about $201 for the supply of 1 powder for injection according to the pharmacy you go to.

Is there a generic Gonal-F?

Gonal-F is currently not available as a generic version available. The majority of insurance plans won't cover Gonal-F treatments for fertility. Specialty drugs can be expensive and will need to be obtained from specialist pharmacies. Find out More A Savings Club is program that has a annual or monthly fee that grants you access to special pricing. for drug prices near you.