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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there a limit on how many times I can utilize Taza Chocolate coupons?

Some Taza Chocolate’s coupons are single-use, there are instances where they can be used again. If you used a one-time use coupon, you may only use it you cancel your orders. Therefore, make sure to save your coupons before redeeming them on your carts.

Can I use a discount code for a product on sale at Taza Chocolate?

In theory, you can redeem numerous offers on any items. In reality, each item will usually be discounted just once. Since sale items are counted as already have a discounted codes applied, that means you won't always be able to redeem your Taza Chocolate coupons for sale items.

Am I allowed to use coupon codes of other stores in the same category to apply to Taza Chocolate?

While coupons from stores in similar categories like Chocolate do look alike, that doesn’t mean they are the same coupon. In general, Taza Chocolate coupons are non-transferable. That means you cannot use one store’s coupon on another in the same category.