20% OFF First Box
Free Opinel knife when you purchase any new subscription
Free Snack Box when you subscribe to either Snack or Classic Box

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  • 20% OFF First Box
  • Free Opinel knife when you purchase any new subscription
  • Free Snack Box when you subscribe to either Snack or Classic Box

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there a limit on how many times I can utilize Carnivore Club United States coupons?

Some Carnivore Club United States’s coupons are single-use, there are instances where they can be used again. If you used a one-time use coupon, you may only use it you cancel your orders. Therefore, make sure to save your coupons before redeeming them on your carts.

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In theory, you can redeem numerous offers on any items. In reality, each item will usually be discounted just once. Since sale items are counted as already have a discounted codes applied, that means you won't always be able to redeem your Carnivore Club United States coupons for sale items.

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While coupons from stores in similar categories like Kitchen Utensils do look alike, that doesn’t mean they are the same coupon. In general, Carnivore Club United States coupons are non-transferable. That means you cannot use one store’s coupon on another in the same category.